MISSION:To support organizations, initiatives, and programs that align with our values to enhance and improve the quality of life for youth and helping them reach their full potential through Education, Community, Health and Quality of Life.

STORY OF OUR LOGO: Our logo was designed to symbolize the beliefs and values Matt and Erica Campbell:

  • The purple reminds us where we came from.  We are northeast Ohio born and raised.  Matt graduated from the University of Mount Union, where he won multiple Division III Championships and was an All-American Defensive End for the “Purple Raiders”.
  • The football represents and provides the vehicle which allows us to give back to our community.
  • The four stripes on the ball have two meanings:
    • #1 Our four children:  Katie, Isabella, Rudy, and Rocco
    • #2 Four Pillars of our Foundation:  Education, Community Programs, Health, and Quality of Life for children and the youth in our communities.
  • The color combination of Cambells’ Kids reminds us of a box of crayons, signifying that every child is unique and special in his and her own way.


  1. Education

To benefit and assist youth, especially from low income and less fortunate families, by providing grants and financial aid to nonprofit organizations, including schools, that encourage youth to develop mentally, physically, and socially.

  1. Community

To provide financial assistance to nonprofit organizations that assist youth, the needy and less advantaged and organizations that provide educational scholarships benefiting youth in areas served by the Foundation’s activities.

  1. Health

To promote health and build hope for youth and their families battling health care problems and to provide them with financial assistance.

  1. Quality of Life

To focus on improving the quality of life of youth within a community.  Providing assistance to nonprofit organizations that provide services for those less fortunate.

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